Things I would like to see in the next versions of openmandriva:

1 ° an oem installation mode (which type of installation where the system is going to be installed and the users only configure the keyboard, location, language and the user account

2 ° Discover as a method for installing and updating applications

3rd BTRFS file system by default because it allows you to create restore points of the machine which I think would be interesting for rolling version

I decided to post in the forum because I thought it would be easier to discuss this here than open several bug reports.

And sorry for my bad English

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About part 2 - Discover.

Discover is available in OpenMandriva repository. You can install it in easy way. OpenMandriva always provided its own tools for graphically installing packages, up to Lx3 release we called it rpmdrake which is currently abandoned due to our migration to DNF. Therefore, we have chosen a new graphic installer that supports DNF - dnfdragora. It will probably stay that way. Other tools like gnome-software, discover or apper remain as an option for users to manually install.
We did not choose discovera because it caused us more problem than it offered us advantages.

Anyway for me discover never worked correctly (at versious linux distros).


part 2. Unfortunately Btrfs works much slower in most tests than other file systems. For example much slower than ext4. Additionally, you may encounter some problem e.g. in some steam games. Hence, the default is ext4.
However, nothing prevents you from choosing btrfs yourself during the system installation.


I will agree that would be great. However a half dozen unpaid/volunteer developers might be hard pressed to do all that for OM Lx 4.1 release or even by OM Lx 5. But perhaps a worthy long term goal.

Why does it matter if BTRFS is default when it is so easy to select file system in Calamares installer? Or XFS or F2FS for that matter. (There are file systems in that list to not use for an operating system.)

Your English is fine for posting here. If anyone doesn’t understand something we just need to keep asking questions until we do.

(I wish I could blame my more stupid posts on other people’s language use but unfortunately that is not the problem… My stupid moments are all me.) :flushed:

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thank you all for the answers that were enlightening

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in 2019 state of BTRFS is :

  • Grub can on latest version boot on btrfs & compressed files or img kernel
  • always see change in stable linux kernel
  • do not provide more than one disk speed in Raid ( prefers to use Raid 1 )
  • there is not enough tools & utilities to repair in case of filesystem errors , this point is the MOST important , and always DO a BACKUP OF DATA