The xpra version in the 2014.2 repository is very old

The xpra version in the 2014.2 repository is very old (xpra 0.7.8) and misses a lot of features. The most recent version is xpra-0.17.1. Is it possible to update the repository with a more up to date version?

please file a request here

Importance = enhancement

Hello Luca,
I filed a request as bug 1685.

you can try 0.17.1 version present in testing

Hello Luca,

I never did this before, what is the procedure to test a software version under test. How do I install it?

download the rpm from here:

and install it with urpmi in konsole as root

And after, please @vhelmont give feedback in bugreport comments.

I did some testing and found that xpra requests python-lzo for better compressing results. I installed python-lzo via MCC and the warning disappeared.

xpra also warns that the import of the rencode module fails.
rencode also seems to be a python module. For complex, heterogeneous data structures with many small elements, r-encodings take up significantly less space than b-encodings. I couldn’t find this module in MCC. How do I install it?

Please file a bugreport for missing dep(python-lzo) and missing package(python-rencode)

I added a comment to bug 1685

python-rencode build has been published

Thanks I installed python-rencode.

python-cryptography is also needed and missing in the repository. I added a comment to bug 1685

During the latest installation of xpra via the repository also the python-opengl-3.1.0-0.1-omv2014.0.noarch package is in the dependencies. There is a problem with the signature of the opengl packet. Is it save to install the package?