The 10 Best Linux Games You Can Play for Free

Nice list, I’d add Battle for Westnoth (local, strategy, open source) and Ryzom (MMORPG, Open Source, Free to Play, you can pay for advantages in game).

This link leads to were you can find a LOT of games of various qualities. But who has time to play nowadays?


great information, play it at leisure time,hahahaha

any news updated list?

Anyway, thanks for sharing this list of the best Linux games. It’s always great to rediscover classic titles that have stood the test of time, even if the thread is from four years ago.

I completely agree with your additions, Battle for Wesnoth and Ryzom are fantastic choices. It’s wonderful to see open-source games continuing to thrive and gain recognition.

Speaking of gaming, have you ever tried to play games for money? While this thread may be a few years old, the concept of earning money through gaming has only become more prevalent. It’s fascinating to see how gaming has evolved to offer both entertainment and the potential to earn some extra income.

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