Test for sending email from a email client


I will reply from gmail.

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Replying as another user in order to receive a notification.

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This test is related to this thread.

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Sent to the category om+sandbox @openmandriva.org e-mail titled ‘E-Mail Is not what it is’. So I’m baffled as to how to do this.

Edit: and at this point there are a lot of test e-mails stuck somewhere because on my end they send normally with no bounce notice.

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Sent another to this thread addressed to ‘om+sandbox @openmandriva.org’ without the space and titiled ‘Test for sending email from a email client’.

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I can imagine also a lot of mine laying somewhere in the ether :slight_smile:


Nouvelle tentative


It works. Now let’s see what the subject filter does exactly.

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assign me

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