TC meeting Week 27-2016 report


  1. Release Report
  2. Rolling Release model
  3. OMLx 2014.3/OMLx 2.3 release

Full log

Release Report
The release is in good shape for x86_64 only a few issues remain it was decided to release an RC1 candidate to QA with general release on Sunday if all is well.

Rolling Release discussion
TPG proposed a Rolling Release scheme which was discussed. The idea is to re-structure the repositories to better suit the available resources and to have a different workflow that would ensure that public repositories would remain stable through major updates. This would be achieved by automation of some of the QA involved in testing.
There is detail to be worked out and some utilities will need to be produced if the scheme is accepted.
All those interested should have a look at this page Pseudo rolling release model - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva and attend the Wednesday TC meetings which start at around 17:00 CEST and join in the discussion.

The following is a broad agenda if the proposal is accepted:

  1. a start point (the wiki page)
  2. who can do what
  3. what is left (and how can we get it done)
  4. do it
  5. test it
  6. fine-tuning

OMLx 2014.3/OMLx 2.3 release
There was a discussion around making a 2014.3 release with new artwork and including all the updates.
There was some discussion about support for this release over time. It was felt that with proper organisation this shouldn’t be too difficult. Hopefully this release will stimulate some interest in the upcoming 3.0

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