TC meeting Week 22-2016 report


.1. Release report
.1.1 RC and GA release dates and public announcement
.2. QA: Pre-Beta2 iso release procedure. Proposal and discussion.
.3. AoB

Full log

– The release is entering the final stages of readiness.
The repo’s have now been renamed to 3.0 and are accesable on abf-downloads. It still remains to fix i586 booting but if this cannot be fixed promptly then an x86_64 beta with be released sometime over the weekend. Bug reports against this beta will determine whether an RC is required or whether we go straight to release.
There are still issues with i586 booting but it has been decided to release an x86_64 Beta regardless of the state of the boot issue. Hopefully though it will be fixed and both arches will be issued together.