TC meeting Week 19-2016 report

Full log

– GitHub has been forked to Lx3 and the repos will be cloned after the creation of 12 new packages and their dependencies for KDEapps. The problem of migrating from the 2014 to the Lx3 release was discussed and an action raised for the creation of a script to allow this upgrade path.

– If all goes well, we’re ready to fork lx3 later today (we are currently building those missing packages). Repos should be forked on 12/05/2016. Be ready to change your repo paths.

– Under the QA discussion the issue of blocker bugs was discussed. Again it was booting and graphics adapters that were the core of the discussion. The enormous difficulty in ensuring that every combination of hardware will boot to a graphical screen while realising the best performance from the graphics adapter was recognised. As graphics bugs directly affect a users perception of the distro some ideas for easing the perceived severity of such bugs were explored. A suggestion was made for a grub menu dedicated to using all the various workarounds that “might just” work. The view being expressed that that at least with a booted system there was a chance of obtaining useful information other that “I have a black screen” The subject of blockers bugs and their ascending seriousness as the process heads towards release will be discussed in subsequent meetings.