TC meeting Week 18-2016 report

Full log

– The release of a potential beta2/RC is waiting for the completion of the kde16.04 apps packages; a rebuild of poppler and it’s dependencies which will fix crashes when using form data. It is hoped that fixes for a Calamares installer issue will also be incorporated. When the two major items are complete the repo will be forked to OMLx3

– A decision was taken to publish QA decisions in the QA section of our forums. Permanent changes to procedures will be added to the QA Wiki

– As part of the ongoing QA review this weeks discussion related to triaging bugs. This was a difficult subject but some progress was made. It became evident that the expectations for bug fixes of QA and of users were too high and some effort was needed to explain the level of support that could be offered. Several ideas were floated that would help to address this issue. The first was to provide a link in the bug acknowledgement mail to a page which explains our policy. This page will ultimately contain links to pages that contain information on how to improve the quality of bug reports using tools shipped by OM. In order to remove some of the load from the developers a series of pre-written (but editable) replies will be made available in Bugzilla to ease the level of work involved in the triaging process.

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