TC meeting Week 16-2016 report

Topic: Release status
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– Bero asked for help in testing from users:

Need more testing for installing on old hardware


Essentially, we’ve seen some problems when installing on old hardware, but since those are hard to reproduce, need to know more about the problem (e.g. if there’s any common thing about the pieces of hardware that made it fail)

– Some minor bugs have been reported in order to get them fixed before next release.

– Annoying dkms bug have been fixed recently, but still need to make sure dkms has the right kernel headers and possibly to check other dkms-* packages as well.

– Longtime plymouth issue has been discussed. Plan is to see if initrd fix will solve also plymouth issue. Otherwise, suggestion is to test downgrade 0.9 version to 0.8.x latest working one, or to manage to have a working 0.9 plymouth once for all.
In both cases, help is needed for squashing that evil bug or for downgrade testing.

– We’d also like to have the naming issue fixed (displayed in KInfocenter, and output of cat /etc/release and the likes) OpenMandriva 2015.0 vs. OpenMandriva 3

– We plan to have a new dev-rel ISO build for testing the current shape as soon as some already known bugs are solved.

Thanks for letting know, rugyada.

Thanks rugyada.

The Plymouth issue and naming issue will both require a lot of work and testing. Testing Plymouth in particular is time consuming.

Yep. We must take our time without any rush.