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When is OMLx3 Beta coming?

So when Beta comes? Simple: once we fix these show-stoppers! We work hard, and you are welcome to join!
Just join our irc channel @freenode #openmandriva-cooker, or send your offer to cooker ML

A short list of blockers for BETA release:

.1. Broken dependencies – i586 -> 78 x86_64 -> 84
You can see them by installing urpm-repoclosure and running this command

urpm-repoclosure --hdlist=

change x86_64 to i586 in above link to see broken deps on 32 bit

.2. Mariadb service does not start - due to change to use systemd’s notify feature – looks like only Fedora is doing it right - fix is just to import service files and couple of scripts from Fedora’s mariadb

Without this any akonadi service will not work - kmail etc.

.3. Missing KAPPS – couple of packages needs a fix to be able to build:

.4. ISO does not build – due to brokend dependencies see point #1 [LINK]

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Tags #info #share: easy way to keep our community updated

Those who follow TC meetings and blog probably know, those who missed, this is for you

Few decisions were taken to ease up and make more frequent our communication

.1. During TC meetings after each topic we will use now tag #share, under which the chairman or the main speaker summarise the outcome of the topic, which will be shared to blog, forums and social networks.
Sometimes there is nothing to share after topic, but this would be more of an exception.
Tags will be used by communications team to extract the needed pieces and regularly inform community of our news.
No need to say how important that is.

.2. Whenever decision is taken out of recorded time, please always share it to this mailing list, and in the subject put “#share” next to your subject, or simply alone.

.3. Whenever you finished/started/made progress or whatever else:) about something worth mentioning (and this can be small things as well) - please send an email to this ML with #share in subject. We want to give you credit, and to inform of the news our public.

.4. For information: tag #info stays active, but is to be used as before.

Please let’s make it a habit to use the tag as above, this will help a lot to make sure that outer world knows of all the great stuff we do here.


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Great. The more publicity the better.

One question:

In the new OMV ABF, last cooker is identified as “build 97” (64-bits,

In the TC #57 meeting log it says:
#info people curious and interested in taking a look before the beta is ready (and possibly in helping us get it there) should use build 14378”

Are builds 97 and 14378 the same?

No 97 is completely new. Bug 14378 was uploaded by me just so testers had something to work with while we worked on ABF problems and couldn’t build new .iso’s.

Good news and good work from TPG now we are able to build .iso’s.

97 is pretty good but there are bugs. It definitely needs testing. Now we have our own instance of ABF hence the numbers started over explaining why we go from 14378 (on ROSA ABF) to currently 97 on OpenMandriva ABF.

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Sirius: I should have mentioned this is thread for reporting stuff against new .iso # 97.

Also another .iso may be coming in a few days to a week.

Yes. I already understood the new numeration system.
I just would like to know which version should be used to analyze and report bugs, or if they are the same with different numbers (they aren’t).
I’ll go for the 97.

PS: It seems that things are going to be mixed again.
We already have OMV Lx 2015.0 instead of Lx3. It seems trivial, but I can guess we are going to repeat old errors (see *)
Now we have different build numbers, which is not a problem per se, but only ONE ABF should be used from now on, so user don’t have the need to dig inside a lot of download sites searching for the last ISO. If we publish in the forum that OMA has a new ABF server and we start to using it, then ROSA ABF should not be used anymore !

(*) With old error I’m talking about problems with the version identificacion. See, and I cite:
“If you view the boot log (as I have done here), then it still displays as ‘OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0 (Phosphorus), not ‘2014.1’. A possible mistake I suppose…”
There were some bug reports at the time regarding that “confussion” between 2014.0 and 2014.1. And in forums with 2014.2 (I remember publish some questions regarding that).
All known issues (more or less severity) but we are in the way to repeat errors, as it still says 2015.0 all around !

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