TC meeting Week 08-2016 report

Full log

1. Distribution Freeze and beta

  • TC decided that the repositories will be frozen once the following work has been completed:
    • Update libc to latest release
    • Update clang compiler to 3.8 final
    • Complete updates to KF and KFAPPS
    • Update Calamares to Version 2.0 just released
  • Some difficult remaining issues have been diagnosed and are being fixed qt5-qtwebkit being linked against the wrong libwebp (one showstopper that was preventing us from building the iso) is solved.
  • No promised ETA on beta iso, but it will be “soon”
  • We’ll set up a new master mirror for other mirrors to pull from
  • Sync is finished

2. ABF Build Farm

OpenMandriva own abf build farm is now running and we are stabilising and tracking down a few final issues. Assuming all goes welll we should be in a position to resume work on the beta release some time next week. The new abf will give users the opportunity to participate in the distro in a very real way.

3. Communication

It was resolved to have an Info item added to the TC meeting agenda where all important news was gathered together for publication in a forum thread. This will ensure that users will get a regular weekly update as to the state of the distribution.


Thanks rugyada. What KF stands for?

KF = KDE Framework
KFAPPS should be instead KDE Apps (I’ve just copy/pasted from Colin’s)

Ok. Thanks.

Translated to Spanish:

Please, review it.