TC Meeting Wednesday March 1, 2017 17:00 CET

I’m assuming we’re having a TC meeting on Wed. 3/1/2017 at 17:00 CET. Of course we all know what happens when one assumes… :innocent:

This post is to request that we add to list some discussion about bug reporting tools. As I dig in to this I have so far identified 3 different bug reporting tools. One is the KDE tool which I don’t know how to get to work though I imagine I could if I Googled about it and RTFM. Also there’s ABRT, to my knowledge a Fedora tool, and drakbug a drakxtool. Just would like to discuss about getting one for OpenMandriva to work, I assume that would be either ABRT or drakbug. Also would like to discuss if we should have some dialog window, or notes, or documentation (Release Notes?) about how to use the KDE tool. Or combination thereof? Like a dialog window and something in Release Notes?

There is also a thread about bug reporting tools on Cooker ML (started by me). No promises :dizzy_face: but maybe by Wednesday I’ll have read up on the KDE bug reporting tool. Is it called something like Dr. Konqi?

Another worthwhile topic for discussion. This is one I recently encountered but don’t know what to do with. What happened was I installed OM Lx 3.01 (.iso build # 720) and updated with standard repos in order to get a representative system of a user using stable .iso and repos only .ie no testing repo packages ever. Or in other words a system like perhaps a majority of users currently have.

What I discovered is that if a user does this, updates system, and reboots then the root and user password (same in this case) are no longer recognized. Needless to say for average users this is a major problem. I would think this to be a bug but don’t really know how to proceed. We have had at least one instance of this reported in forum that I know of in addition to my experience.


maybe build more up the Drakconf with enhanced Configurationstools,
like a Maria/MYSqlDB Easy Databasecreator with IP/Localhost, Name, Passwort for create
a DB and a Simple Backup’er for diffrent Applications and hold it Simple,
Administrate something it is exist with other huge tools, but we need a simple
DB-create tool who it is easy for create short an db for a Webapp like a Forum, Cloud or something
and this in our drakconf center…

An really well working Hosts-editor and hosts file configurator,
because this what at moment works not really well, because we have a:

IP | Full Name with domain | and a alias

–snip–/etc/hosts----include modifications like [] and space-----------------------------------
[localhosts] // maybe hardcoded localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost.localdomain localhost
FF02::1 ip6-allnodes
FF02::1 ip6-allrouters

[ipadresses ip4] //clean listing of domains
192.168.0.X hostname.domain hostname
192.168.0.X 2ndhostname.domain 2ndhostname
192.168.0.X 3thhostname3thnetcard.domain 3thhostname3thnetcard
[ipadresses ip6] //clean listing of domains

[blocked domains(spam)] //this maks also possible for blocking spamming domains porn advertiser
–snap–/etc/hosts----include modifications-----------------------------------

this is normal and not something like it is happend at moment !
For this should create a really well Networkconfiguration
for configuration

  1. for the possible to diffrent Networkcards/connector/virtual hosts configurate

  2. an well (maybe hardcoded) localdomain in ip4 and ip6 and spam-remover in the hostsfile

  3. also configuration the new IP6 correctly include Fullname and alias
    and setting up automatically the localdamin in ip4&ip6, this is standart
    and could be programmed hard into.

  4. a well subdivision and possible single editing
    like add and remove single hosts (hosts only listing)
    and a possible for add and remove spammdomains in single edit mode
    maby also for adding domains from users and maybe FF-plugins or Crome-plugins
    to have a possible for have a API for adding Spamhosts
    (maybe can we be the firstwho have some possible)

  5. For handy this whole with a maybe Tabed Surface/Gui for the whole
    Networks, in 2-4 modes: Simple,Wlan(Notebook),Enhanced for configuring a Single Networkcard and Extended for enhanced Administrators :
    Simple : DHCP autoconnect
    Wlan, Roaming
    Configuration a Single Networkcard
    and Extended for configuring Servers as Administator

with this is it also possible for use this as a Server-Distriebution,
if it possible for Configuring the Networks Stack fully and really without some fail’s in our current hostsfile.

To be this possible do we need a correct, like it was in the old times,
a well configurate hosts-file. This is No1.

  • a Drakconf Mailserver Configurator Plugin
    and a

  • Drakconf Proxy(&anonymous) Configuration Plugin

  • Drakconf Bug Subscriber for Admins and a Bugsender
    and a Buglisting from own notification (include autoreporter messages of autobugfiler)
    (so, a listing of the whole Messages where was sending to
    to not need ever open the issues Webpage, select the right Distro and so on.

So, make more enhanced and handy the Drakconf to have
a Drakconf who it is easy Possible for configurateing
the Linuxsystem more better.

maybe be i am not there and have not the possible for open my laptop,
because i have to work, but i hope this suggestions be something for our
Distro and helps to be more in demand .

best regards

TC meeting March 1 2017 agenda:

  1. Clarification of release naming
  2. QA Next release. ISO testing
  3. Discussion rpm update to 5.4.18. Suggestion is to conduct debate in GitHub (Jeff Johnson)
  4. Problem described here

No meeting was held so no logs. To many folks away at conventions and such…

crisb fixed the setup and iptables packages and that seems to have fixed this issue as well. Thanks crisb! :joy: