TC Meeting today 19-12-2018: 17:00 CET 16:00 GMT

Hi All,
There will be a TC meeting today a the ususal time.

Here is an outline agenda.


  1. Report: ABF cooker dnf; How can we fix outages
  2. Lx4 Release Plan. Where are we.
    Alpha testing. To what extent?
    Release Notes Update
    Alpha issue handling
    Updates before beta release
    Beta Release timing
    Beta testing an issue management
  3. AIB
  4. AOB


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For AIB:

Request for packaging MultiBootUSB package for Openmandriva

Bug in php under apache

system-config-printer crashes on startup

There is also this reported against dnfdragora in forum.

Full log

Shares :

- 4.0 alpha release imminent

- Everyone please review release notes etc. to

See also:

- We need testers on non-x86

Actions :

- Release 4.0 alpha as soon as possible
- Talk about non-x86 builds in release announcement
- Take a look at pagure when more interested people are around

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