TC Meeting today 13-02-2019: 17:00 CEST 16:00 BST

Hi Everyone,
I hope there will be short TC meeting today.

Here’s an agenda


  1. Report: ABF, cooker
  2. Lx4 beta Release issues/progress; Are we ready for RC and split?
  3. AIB
    4: AOB



re 2)* nope … lots testing need be done before going rc , unless we want rc1 to rc3’ish cycle

We should include in topics a discussion that will lead to a vote on whether to switch issue tracker from bugzilla. But before we can vote we need to decide switch to what? Github or something else?

@abucodonosor wants this decided and done before we release Lx 4 not after we release.

The discussion was quite complex, if needed I can setup a working instance of gitea for mirroring as suggested by @abucodonosor

AIB can be the list of open bugs against Cooker and Lx 3 currently.


well I don’t want but if we switch right after Lx4 that is suboptimal.

We expect peoples to report bugs etc. , so if we want to switch then now,
to have time to migrate bugs , add right topis/labels and so on.

And ofc some testing …

The point is to get this decided. We have to decide in next few weeks to do what @abucodonosor wants before release.

And this group can dither and drag it’s collective heals deciding something with the best bureaucrats on planet earth.

I did not want to switch right after Lx 4 release. I wanted to start working on it after Lx 4 release because I doubt I can effectively do testing for Lx 4 and this at the same time. I would much prefer not to do this now.

Post-edit: So I misunderstood what you were saying also.

btw we can have testing issue tracker on some custom port so we can internally test/decide
what setup may be best. But is up2 @raphael to decide that since he need to the setup work
for all these.

Full log

Developers to change the name of contrib repository to ‘unsupported’ as soon as possible

Developers to change the name of contrib repository to ‘unsupported’ as soon as possible