TC Meeting today 08-11-2017: 17:00 CEST 16:00 GMT

Hi Everyone,
There will be a TC meeting today at the usual time.
There were some actions last week but I can’t find the meeting logs so they
haven’t been actioned.


  1. Release: Will we ever get this right
  2. Rebuild of contrib? Discussion
  3. Reports:-
  4. AIB (Any Interesting Bugs)
  5. AOB

Please try and attend it is important that we get as many as possible to
discuss/make decisions.


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#openmandriva-cooker log

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For future reference bookmark this site:

Full log here.

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Which was the decision about contrib repository?

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The only decision was to set up a repodata instance to try to gauge the scope of the problem. A mass-rebuild won’t fix what’s wrong with most packages in contrib. Unfortunately it’s going to require intervention on an individual package level. Also we are going to try to find a way or ways to get community involved with some of this work. The scale of the problem is huge, we do know that. We certainly can use suggestions and volunteers.

OT: Firefox spell check is telling me that gauge (they would have me use gage) is incorrect. I checked with Mirriam-Webster and they say gauge is correct spelling and usage.

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Well, I have some working packages from contrib repository (at least scilab and octave* and maybe MATE desktop while julia still fails but I think is not a so difficult to solve) but I can’t find the time to upload on ABF.

There is also some garbage to clean from here. For instance razorqt is now merged into LXQt but it is still in 3.0 repository (just try urpmq -y razorqt to see). And some missing package I’d like to see in OpenMandriva, of course :wink:.

OT: gauge is correct here :slight_smile: .