TC-Meeting reports for weeks 14 and 15?

Wondering why we didn’t get TC-Meeting reports for weeks 14 and 15? Will we get one for week 16?

On 2016-04-03 we had GO/NOGO QA meeting
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On 2016-04-06 we had GO/NOGO decision review
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15:16:07 <itchka__> As most of you lknow QA gave a NOGO for the latest beta. I gather that updates were actually coming in while we were having the meeting. Some of these updates if we had been aware of them may well have tipped the decision the other way.

Outcome was release of beta1

On 2016-04-13
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Not very much to say, it was a short meeting about Beta1 status.
Nevertheless, it has been acknowledged that a good number of annoying bugs had been fixed.
After suggestion, Bero said he will try to build k3b and will add it to ISO packages if build - and tests - go fine.