TC-meeting March 22, 2017 or else!

One might think if there were a TC-meeting it would be at 17:00 CET. I’ve forgotten a lot of questions I’ve wanted answered 'cause we haven’t had a meeting for a month or more. Three that have come up recently are:

  1. Users can’t update because when Plasma 5.9.3 packages got moved to main-updates plasma-desktop was left behind in main-testing resulting in users getting this error:

    One package could not be installed,

    task-plasma-minimal-5.9.3-1-omv2015.0.noarch (due to the lack of plasma-desktop-5.9.3-1-omv2015.0.i586)

  2. Does OpenMandriva/Calamares support encrypted partitions as part of install process? Honestly I don’t know much about this but when I’ve tried it doesn’t work.

    message: “The installer failed to create file system on partition /dev/sdc5.”
    details: “==========================================================================================\nCommand: cryptsetup -s 512 --batch-mode --force-password luksFormat /dev/sdc5\n==========================================================================================\n”
    18:14:20 [0]: Calamares will now quit.

  3. In Live mode is Calamares supposed to be able to be started more than once? Currently it won’t. If user encounters a problem and install fails trying to restart Calamares results in a core dump. So then user has to reboot the .iso.