TC Meeting 25th Jan 17:00 CET

There will be a TC Meeting toaday the 25th Jan at approximately 17:00 CET.
This is last weeks agenda but it’s still relevant. Please do your best to attend even if it is only for a limited time.

1: 3.1 Release … 3.2 Release Planning
2: 3.1 i586 ISO
3. Quorate Meetings. Minimum number of attendees
4. AOB

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First I either won’t be there or will be late due to physical therapy appointment.

Also kind of a big issue has come up in my last few .iso tests most recently with # 785. User password is opening drakconf, system-config-printer, and systemsettings5 sddm config utility. Root password is rejected in all the mentioned instances. That seems bass akwards. Root password does work normally in Konsole, KUser, and KDE Partition Manager.

Only users in the group “wheel”, which is intended for admin tasks, have this possibility.
This isn’t a bug but a feature with which one can agree or not :wink:

Then when I set an admin password in Calamares should that not be the one in wheel instead of user? Do we really think users will find it OK that admin password works for some things and not others? What then is the purpose of setting an admin password separate from user password in the installer?

I’m not talking about nor do I care about some policy set by KDE developers or any others I’m talking about as a distro what our users will see and asking is this reasonable? I think any user quite reasonably will be confused having to issue root password for KDE Partition Manager and KUser but then having to issue user password for Drakconf and system-config-printer, ect.

And note: Not meaning to argue with JCL I know the point he is making is correct. I am trying to show that that one point is not by any means all there is to this subject from a user perspective.

Logs from meeting: