TC Meeting 2019-06-19 report

Meeting log

I’m thinking the action items are noteworthy:

Meeting summary

  1. Report: ABF, cooker (itchka, 16:15:47)

  2. Report: ABF, cooker (ben79, 18:44:30)

  3. Drop 32-bit packages (ben79, 19:05:32)

  4. OpenMandriva Lx - Browse /release/4.0 at (ben79, 20:09:42)

  5. ACTION : 1. After the 4.0 release, no more STABLE releases of i686 trees (ben79, 20:34:48)

  6. ACTION : 2. Keep building i686 for now, but make it cooker and rolling only (ben79, 20:35:26)

  7. ACTION : 3. At some point in the future, but not before 4.1 probably not until 5.0, move towards building library versions with -m32 (ben79, 20:36:17)

  8. 5. Maintenance of Rolling: Procedure for QA to manage packages. QA (ben79, 20:53:32)

  9. kde-packaging-tools/cooker2rolling at fe716479919861bea8b2ca1f63fd8dd9ea86530c · OpenMandrivaSoftware/kde-packaging-tools · GitHub (bero, 20:58:08)

  10. 6. AIB (ben79, 22:19:52)

  11. 7. AOB (ben79, 22:20:23)

  12. Benchmarks Of OpenMandriva's AMD Zen Optimized Linux Distribution Against Ubuntu, openSUSE, Clear Linux - Phoronix (fdrt, 22:29:01)

As I understand it Action #3 is moving towards having library package groups to install specific 32-bit Hardware like Steam and Wine and dropping the majority or 32-bit package support. So I think that this means we would get rid of i686 repos at that time.

At some point in the future, but not before 4.1 probably not until 5.0, move towards

That time should have been ‘now’. Or better ‘yesterday’.


To be honest I am unhappy with the decision of dropping 32-bit.
I personally preferred to postpone discussion on dropping 32bit after 4.1 release (or later) and then see what other distributions will do and how they deal with this problem. See how it looks in their case and then take decisions about it - drop 32-bit or not. The fact that Ubuntu made this decision does not mean that we have to blindly follow his footsteps…
…but not my decision.

I just hope that OpenMandriva can handle the problems after dropping 32-bit.
Because I do not intend to think nor do I have such knowledge as to help someone who will need the missing library from the i686 repo.

I hope that everyone who wanted dropping 32-bit by OpenMandriva, will then be willing to help people on bugtrack or forum with problems on missing or broken 32libs with either steam, wine32 or drm-free games on gog and etc :smiling_imp:

What ubuntu does is totally unrelated.
Just in case, they may be 2 years late. We agreed on 32bit at Budapest meeting on March 2017

Maybe you missed

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Fellows way more more knowledged than I’m not, will explain you that drop 32bit does not mean we won’t have libraries in our repos just that they will be built someway like fake 64bit (or so – don’t take it literally, as said I don’t know the details, just know that it can be done)
Ask bero or crazy, for the expert’s bits.

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fyi , manjaro rolling has 3 repos ( Stable - Testing - Unstable ) <-- Arch linux ( snapshot on parts ) + tools manjaro ( mhwd tools and others )
in this section Announcements - Manjaro Linux Forum
you have every 1 or 2 days something in unstable or testing before going in Stable ( about 5 days for Stable if short rolling )

I believe this refers to the fact that this was actually agreed upon in meeting in Budapest about 2 years ago. I was not there but I recall seeing more than one confirmation that this was agreed on at that time, pretty much exactly what @bero is suggesting we do now. Just wanted to acknowledge this is something long agreed on that we still need to get done.

Who cares of what has been agreed (and never got done, fwiw)?

This particular issue made me convinced that nobody cares, so I definitely lost my trust in whatever decision taken in the past or will be taken in the future.