Task-lamp deps is missing

Hi, the repo is missing a dependency for task-lamp-php

dnf install task-lamp-php

 Problém: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides php-mcrypt needed by task-lamp-php-4.0-4.noarch

(OMA Lx 4.1 Rock/znver1/Plasma)

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Welcome @littleon

Post-edit: It is true there is not any ‘php-mcrypt’ package. This issue affects all branches not just 4.1.

The package task-lamp and task-lamp-php are in unsupported repository. Part of the reason they are in this repo is that they have no package maintainer. Want to be a package maintainer?

OpenMandriva Lx is a small group of all volunteer, part time, contributors. Unlike Mandriva there is no company, no paid employees and notably no paid developers. So we need volunteers to maintain packages like this.

That does not mean we don’t try to take care of things when users point them out. I passed this one along to developers on IRC so we’ll shall see what happens.


I just reported a bug and you’re already recruiting me :).

Honestly - I started with Mandrake-like distro and it’s a matter of the heart for me. However, with the new HW came the need for a rolling update distribution, so after 10 years I left this branch of Linux. I installed OMA on another disk out of curiosity precisely because I saw the development of rolling and optimization for AMD. I’m curious and I’m looking around. In addition, my knowledge of english is poor…

However, please put me in PM, who to contact if I stay with OMA - in that case I could help with a few packages (I have experience with building RPM packages).

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What you do if you are as short handed as we are… :grin:

For the record I was not really expecting this positive of a response. So that is appreciated.