Sound Problems with update on Jan 3

Today’s update to libsndfile causes most sound programs (such as clementine, vlc, smplayer) to stop working. Either they crash or complain that cannot be found. Sounds like all of them need to be rebuilt.



Same applies to any program that calls pulseaudio such as digikam & showfoto. Full error message is:
showfoto: /usr/lib64/ version `’ not found (required by /usr/lib64/pulseaudio/

There were two versions of libsndfile in kahinah when I looked what version do you have?

I have version 1.0.28-2. It causes problems with pulseaudio. It cannot run since it thinks that the sndfile library is missing. If you logout, you cannot log into plasma or lxqt since pulseaudio isn’t around.

I have backed off the update, and things are working here.

Same here…had to use lynx to get the file.

Don’t know if this is relevant.

This is the system where I test packages in Kahinah/main-testing. I also had a sound problem earlier today. I never really figured it out. I ended up re-installing most of pulseaudio and sound is again working. At present I have these packages:

$ rpm -qa | grep lib64sndfile

$ rpm -qa | grep pulseaudio

lib64sndfile1-1.0.28-2-omv2015.0.x86_64 breaks the entire desktop on my computer. Worse than that it would not downgrade with --downgrade. Unacceptable.

I said earlier today on IRC that I want to retire from testing packages. I’m more sure than ever of that now. I’m deleting testing repos I don’t want them on my computers.

I’ll change my mind about this if and when we decide to force testing repos and Kahinah to work together. Now they don’t work together at all. Every time I look in main-testing there are packages that should not be there.

Also ‘urpmi --downgrade’ must work for me to test packages. Otherwise I won’t do it. I’m sick and fed up with workarounds.

I’ve lost a lot of time the last 3 weeks dealing with bs package issues that should not exist but do because we don’t fix what is broken.

Edit: It’s time for someone else in the community to step up and test packages.

Looks like upstream for libsndfile did not bump api/abi version when released latest version.

These libsndfile files will be removed from testing.


I was able to log into XFCE. Then I used rpm --erase --nodeps to remove lib64sndfile, disabled the testing repos and reinstalled it. This worked. I was able to log back into plasma.

I echo your concern with testing. We do need more people to help with testing. At one time kahinah needed 3 people to approve a package before releasing it.