Solved: Issue Tracker "save changes" times out

This is for @workshop actually. At every time I select “save changes” on a bug report the browser connection times out to 504 error. The change is actually made and the notification e-mail is sent it just times out in browser.

Also could we get rid of the pop ups that incorrectly tell user “your post is similar to” or other such pop ups. They are irritating and useless to me.

Removed cookies and that seems to fix. We must not make very good cookies if we keep having to remove them…

But, but, but, there’s no solved button!

Because in this category it’s supposed to not post issues (needing of solution) :smiley:
(PS> If you really believe we need it we can set it)

in theory the feature is very useful to avoid similar discussions doubled,
in practice maybe usually people just close the popup and go ahead - seeing how much topics are started almost the same as some already existent ones.
Conclusion: I’d be in slight favor to keep the feature but also not strongly against removing.

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No. We don’t need it here.

I find it irritating but maybe it does have some practical value. Not a big issue one way or the other.