Shall I wait until the new version is there?

After trying OpenMandriva’s last version in my Oracle VBox, ben 79 pointed to the site where to download the latest .iso. Visiting this, I noticed that there is a new one coming up within a few days.
Is it wise to wait till I can download and install this latest one or can I safely start installing the recent one and
simply do an upgrade? I know I have to wait just a few days but for me it is important if an upgrade procedure
is a simple one.

IMO ISOs from ABF are for tester. In fact these ISOs uses testing also packages from repo. So if you’d like to perform a clean installation you may use latest official release and update your system just after the installation.

So, If I understand you correctly, I just can install the already available Lx.3.0.2 and then simply do an upgrade?

Latest 3.02 ISOs here may be already rather stable, but please keep in mind that anyway they are still development releases.

During the development process time they should not even be considered, if not for:

  • “curious” people,

  • play with them in a safe virtual machine environment,

  • and of course for the purpose they are being built that is testing from QA Team & testers.

That said, the users are free to install them but the support like for the final stable public release is not provided nor expected :wink:

Currently updates might be flawless or turn in a real nightmare.
Simply” is not the word I would use here :grin:

@ rugyada:

So which version shall I install then if I want to have a stable one?
I am just a “user” which sees the distro as a tool to work with various applications
like for instance the music notation program MuseScore or the graphics program Inkscape.
Do not see linux as a way to play with operating systems.

@mandian answered your question.
OMLx 3.01 or maybe better 3.01.1

You may consider to test install + updates in virtual machine before.

OMLx 3.02 is not far from being released but there is not precise ETA yet.