Rootactions in OpenMandriva Rome changes permissions in other installed OS's

Please, no need to shout :wink:

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My comment was ironic…

In any case, I’ll tell you what I know.
I know that Mandrake used uid 500, Mandriva used 500, OMA used 1001 and many other distros use 1000.
I also know that uid 1001 is a shareable or not developers choice.
I also know that neither rootactions nor Oma have a bug for this, and so do you.
Each distro has its own characteristics Oma uses Clang 1000 other distros Gcc is this a bug too?

Without wanting to argue, just to explain how I think.


Plain and simple I really don’t care to see inside your cluttered mind. What I care about and know is that using 1001 instead of 1000 causes the issue. That is a bug in my book.

This topic is taking a path that we are not used to see here.

Clearly the issue is not caused by rootaction servicemenu.
As for the user ID it’s developers’ choice. Whether is good or bad who can say.

Same here. One may agree or not, it’s Linux: freedom.
Usually one does things how s/he/it believes is the right thing to do.

Feel free to file a report with tag ‘enhancement’ to suggest improvement
and/or to submit a PR or to provide a patch.