Root password not recognized

I just installed in hard-disk OMLx 4.1 (build 7513), the user has no password and administrator has.
When I try to install software using dnfdragora or change settings in systemsettings I get an error message regarding root password. I installed three times checking accurately root password then I’m sure that password is correct.

PS: I choose cooker because 4.1 isn’t available.

  • OpenMandriva Lx version: 4.1

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): KDE

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The answer to this one is very simple. You have two choices and one does not work.

HInt. No password is a password.

Second hint. By default Calamares scripts add first user created to wheel group.

If it is really necessary to have user with no password it would be wise not to do that with first user.

Post-edit: The only way I am able to make sense of this is to use same password for first user created and administrator.

Where can I find these scripts? During installation?

At the beginning of installation I choose no password for user and different password for administrator. This is allowed but you say it’s wrong?

I’m referring to the scripts the Calamares installer runs when it is installing a system. Calamares as used by OpenMandriva is basically a framework that runs a series of scripts.

No I did not say anything was wrong. I stated my personal preference for dealing with this. The first user is automatically in the wheel group which has a number of administrator privileges such as installing/removing packages with dnfdragora. There is more, a lot more, and without a password you leave your system unprotected.

This is the script that sets the user created in Calamares (aka: first user) as member of wheel group among other things.

Post-edit: I’m not saying I like how these permissions are done in OM or Linux. I hope I am stating things accurately to best of my knowledge. I personally find it considerably less than “user friendly” that some administrator privilege are given to root with root’s password and some to wheel group which for a lot of users will have a different password. Seems unnecessarily complicated to me.

This is the key sentence!
Systemsettings and dnfdragora has no password, even if they asks for. I think they asks for root password (that’s wrong) instead they don’t want password. Then I see why use the same password for root and for first user.
But giving these privilege to first user (similar to root) and allow to create a root also is confusing. I don’t agree at all.