ROCK USERS time to distro-sync to Lx 4.1

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Some more packages to install to get the new things in OM Lx 4.1:

  1. om-feeling-like
  2. om-repo-picker
  3. om-update-config
  4. om-user-manager

In one command to copy and paste:

$ sudo dnf --refresh install om-user-manager om-feeling-like om-repo-picker om-update-config

That should get most or maybe even all the new Lx 4.1 stuff in to users Rock systems. If anyone knows of anything else please let us know here.

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So what are those things listed in my previous post:

  1. om-feeling-like

  1. om-repo-picker

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  1. om-update-config

  1. om-user-manager

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How to:

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How to:

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I’ve prepared new task-plasma which recommends these packages to install.
So on new update packages you mentioned will be pulled in.

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discover-notifier should be added too along with discover, and dnfdragora-updater removed.

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Edited post 2 accordingly.

So looks like task-plasma is not installed by default. So one way for Lx 4.0 user to get the full Lx 4.1 experience is after doing the ‘distro-sync’ procedure in first post above then:

$ sudo dnf install task-plasma

Here’s the task-plasma package list.

That is true. This mens if task-plasma is not installed on iso, we need to produce threads like this “How to get new desktop features, after you run update”. Quite insane.

There is nothing insane about that.

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IMPORTANT Note: Do not do this on an Lx 4.0 system it will break dnf. This command is for Lx 4.1 systems only. (3 guess how I found out!)

To upgrade to everything I’m/we’re aware of different in Lx 4.1 from Lx 4.0 all in one copy and paste command:

sudo dnf --refresh swap --allowerasing firewalld nx-firewall ; sudo dnf install discover discover-notifier discover-backend-packagekit om-user-manager om-feeling-like om-repo-picker om-update-config ; sudo dnf remove dnfdragora-updater

I’m not positive I’m correct about this but I was thinking that developers were trying to stop using task-plasma so users could remove individual KDE/Plasma packages if they so choose. I do know this has been an occasional complaint from some users forever, going back to Mandriva. I guess so some people can have a minimal Plasma desktop. Or so people can remove packages they just don’t like.

Instructions in first post.

Contributor group is getting ready for release of Lx 4.2 Alpha. Time frame for this release has not been set but is under discussion.