Rock users avoid updating for now (SOLVED!)


Developers are in the process of syncing Rock repositories to new OM Lx 4.1 repositories but this is not complete and will take some time. For now Rock users will see something like:

If you try to update with dnfdragora or command line you will get errors. Just do nothing and wait until the process is finished and we announce the procedure for upgrading. Upgrading will require user to use command line (Konsole) for this one upgrade.

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Command line upgraders will see these errors or similar depending on what is installed on your system:

Again, don’t worry and don’t try to upgrade. Just wait until the process is complete and we announce the correct procedure to upgrade.

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After installing latest updates system crash… FYA. Reinstalled the OS then OMwelcome, dnfdragora, etc does not work.

Installing what updates? How? Did you see this?

Post-edit: Apologies if my frustration is showing but there is no one that can fix something as non-specific as “system crash”. That is like reporting “it’s broke”.

I updated the system from dnfdragora then crashed. previously done through dnf. 2GB Update was in the list.

OK. Thanks for reporting.

It is OK to upgrade now following instructions here.

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