[RFC] Deprecating the om-qa Mailing List

(Please x-post/translate as necessary.)

This proposal influences a proposed timetable shift to move to Discourse sooner from the previous forums - so please think carefully and voice your opinion.

In a bid to involve more users of the distribution to test our efforts and report on bugs more quickly (as well as responding to actions taken by Cooker), it has been proposed to close the om-qa@ml.openmandriva… mailing list and move it (and previous contents, if possible) to Discourse, the forum software which the new forums will be hosted on.

Many QA users are members of both the QA mailing list and the Discourse instance already - this would consolidate them into one area.

As a result, members will need to re-subscribe to the list after the move by signing up for an account on Discourse and subscribing to a to-be-created section for QA and Testing. The ability to email in new topics would be retained by emailing om+qa@openmandriva… Alternatively, users will be able to use the Discourse web interface.

Benefits include consolidating all users into one place (where ordinary users can also report issues or peculiarities). Downsides include the possible loss of previous archives and difficulties emailing in (I don’t know if you can reply in-thread/at the bottom, which may be a hassle. Some projects have reported issues in that area.)

It should be noted that Discourse recently received a MOSS grant that would be used to enhance its mailing list functionality. Additionally, the Chef project recently moved its entire subscriber list to Discourse, though it was not without ill effect.

Actions proposed:

  • wait for discourse forums to replace Vanilla
  • new “QA” section to be set up in Discourse
  • emailing in to Discourse enabled
  • om-qa ML closed 1 week thereafter

The comment period has begun for this proposal and will close 1 week from now. It will be cross-posted to Discourse for users already on there. Please let us know what you think.



For my part, I agree, but you should also post this in the old forum, in English at least initially

Yes, at least this proposal should be posted in original forum.


I’m thinking I agree.

I have crossposted this to the old forums.

For the record, I agree.

I agree.

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