Review from distrowatch 2024

thee a new review from distrowatch

It seems that the D-Bus error button we can just close and many applications work. Some applications crash, I thought it was because of Clang, but could be because of D-Bus. Can D-Bus be fixed?
I like LXQt too, not Plasma.
I also noticed that there are no video file previews in the file manager compared to Xfce. I installed various thumbnailer’s but it had no effect in LXQt. It seems that tumblerd is in charge of the file previews.


Great. We need to test the LXQt iso more.
Are you willing to help with testing?

I’m ready to test the LXQt ISO, it will be great if D-Bus functionality is restored in it. tumbler uses D-Bus.

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We’ll come back to you with more news asap.
If you wish to talk with us real time you are welcome to join openmandriva-cooker room at Matrix.

Why Cooker? I use Rock. I don’t like rolling.

it’s the “cooker” channel, where developers are around, not related to just cooker repos :wink:

I installed
The error message still appears, but now d-bus works. Applications like tumbler, strawberry started working. Thanks. This package did not exist in the repository before. It was for kde, gnome, but not for lxqt. :cat2: :cat:

Yes we are working on it, currently building updated packages. In some time you will find them in repository.

The following ISOs should have the D-Bus error fixed

2839 5.0 lxqt x86_64
2840 5.0 lxqt znver1

I tried to download, but I can’t… the link seems not work…

The links at abf?

5.0 lxqt x86_64
$ aria2c

5.0 lxqt znver1
$ aria2c

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Yes, tanks! It’s working! I’ll try soon the distro

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I also installed dbus-tools.

Yes dbus-tools is included in the new LXQt ISOs :+1:
as well as xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt

To enhance the effort on this:

Omni Tracker for issues with OMLx LXQt desktop