Redirect IRC channel to another


we have two main channels: #openmandriva and #openmandriva-cooker. Other are almost unused/unknown so we can ignore them.

Problem: most people who comes in #openmandriva (a natural way for newcomers is to try if a channel exist) don’t have any reply in this channel, because people don’t pay attention.

So we will redirect one chan to another (but we’ll keep the two channels).

Two possibilities:

  1. #openmandriva -> #openmandriva-cooker
    pro: cooker team doesn’t loose their habits.
    cons: less elegant maybe
  2. #openmandriva-cooker -> #openmandriva
    pro: more elegant maybe
    con: cooker team may have to change their habits.

What is your opinion, do you want to submit it to TC meeting?


@raphael we cannot do that because the channels have different purpose.

#openmandriva-cooker is used for development while #openmandriva is user help and
general purpose channel.

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If we were enough, that would make sense, but the fact is we’re still too small, then nobody is here to help and for general purpose.
Unless there are some volunteers for being active in general channel.


I can join #openmandriva however I cannot do 24/7 help there :smile:

Maybe we should ask all devels to join both channels ?


Indeed, would be great, and also to make this channel being alive with discussions :slight_smile:



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This solution is interesting, @colin it may be interesting to raise it anyway, to submit the fact of being more present in this channel if possible :slight_smile:

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