Received my new toy to play around in linux! Atomic Pi

Just received my new toy from amazon for playing around in GNU/Linux on! Planning to stop Distro hopping finally, and i fully plan to stick with OpenMandriva on my main machine. Also going to use this little SBC as a server when not testing anything.

Heard they were so cheap because they were repurposed from another use, and then were Kickstarted to get some bare board batches. It unfortunately doesn’t have more than one USB 3.0 port (or any extra USB) and it requires plugging in either a expansion board or 4 other methods of power. I plan to just wire it up with some breadboard wire into a adapter with a switching wall power supply @ 5V 3A.

Hoping to also get some Wayland testing in with it on Plasma, as my main rig is full AMD and has some bugs. Should help me in reporting future issues as the developers of Plasma use Intel machines mostly as well. Perhaps Kscreen-doctor scaling will work too?