Rebuilding Julia


What is the file julia.rpmlintrc for?


*.rpmlintrc files are used to avoid false positive errors, or ever real errors if they can be safely neglected, with rpmbuild. As you know each error has a weight and compilation fails when the sum of all error weight is higher than 49. You may report an error in *.rpmlintrc if don’t like its weight to be considered in the above sum, but do it really carefully and only when there is no other way to go forward.

Thanks Mandian,

I still have some doubts:

I’m trying to build the new julia package with the newer versions of some required packages:

llvm version => 4.0
libunwind => 1.2
libuv => 1.9.1

The libunwind package of the old build was provided by an extra source, out of the distro. I would like to use the one available at OMV LX 3.02 repositories.

I tried to replace a libunwind package (version 1.1) by the ones available at OMV LX 3.02 (which is 1.2.1). But I cannot test for julia building because there are problems to install lib64unwind devel packages:

file /usr/lib64/ from lib64unwind-devel-1.2.1-1.x86_64 conflicts with lib64llvm-devel-4.0.1-1.x86_64

If there is no workaround for this I will use the extra source for libunwind.

Thanks again

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This is the way.

You filed a but report here. Just wait if it will resolved in a few days or try to package it directly in cooker (a new version of a package should be put in cooker first).


I’ll wait.

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