Question about xorg.log

Simple question:

since 2 or 3 iso I have not an xorg.log file in /var/log, and I need it to try some options with my intel driver.

and you ?

what troubles me is that I saw an Italian user publish his

I confirm, but you can workaround booting in multi-user mode and startx :wink:

I think I read where someone (TPG?) dropped ‘/var/log/Xorg.X.zyxw’ because we can get all needed info from journalctl? Putting that as question 'cause not sure if I remember correctly.

Possibly there are Xorg logs on the .iso but not on installed system? I Don’t have them on mine. The log your referring to was albpanig reporting problem with .iso.

@luca thanks for the workaround :wink: I’ll try

with ps -aux I see clearly that logfile is sent to /dev/null, as the default place is /var/log that means that it is registered somewhere in a configuration file but I can not find where :frowning:

@ben79 Wacky response TPG is to run the command " journalctl _SYSTEMD_UNIT=sddm.service" but with it you see only the sddm behaviour with xorg

otherwise it would be very surprising that xorg abandon this way of debugging

I will make a new attempt to TPG I hope he will be more receptive :innocent:

best wishes :smile:

+diff -Naur sddm-0.14.0-20160517/src/daemon/XorgDisplayServer.cpp sddm-0.14.0-20160517.tpg/src/daemon/XorgDisplayServer.cpp
 +--- sddm-0.14.0-20160517/src/daemon/XorgDisplayServer.cpp	2016-05-08 10:41:31.000000000 +0000
 ++++ sddm-0.14.0-20160517.tpg/src/daemon/XorgDisplayServer.cpp	2016-06-17 22:24:44.089309316 +0000
 +@@ -159,6 +159,11 @@
 +                  << QStringLiteral("-background") << QStringLiteral("none")
 +                  << QStringLiteral("-noreset")
 +                  << QStringLiteral("-displayfd") << QString::number(pipeFds[1])
 ++                 << QStringLiteral("-verbose") << QString::number(3)
 ++                 << QStringLiteral("-logverbose") << QString::number(3)
 ++                 << QStringLiteral("-logfile") << QStringLiteral("/dev/null")
 +                  << QStringLiteral("vt%1").arg(displayPtr()->terminalId());
 +             qDebug() << "Running:"
 +                      << qPrintable(mainConfig.X11.ServerPath.get())

I was looking for Xorg.log messages and couldn’t find the logs on journal. It would be a little nicer if “-logfile /dev/null” were coming from the config file instead of hardcoded.

This is fixed with sddm-0.14.0-1 which i’ve lately released into /main/testing.