Proposition for the next TC meeting [restored]
jojodu34 wrote:

Now that builds 495 and 496 seem to work almost to a final version, there remains the problem of the too long delay at the first installation. In this regard, the proposal of an experienced Asian user can it be discussed in TC meeting?

I quote M.You-Cheng Hsieh :

If the font really bugged you so much, please remove it. I think Google droid font also contains most-used CJK font glymph, though not complete. You can advise CJK users to install the noto sans cjk font manually for better experience in the release note (or errata?).

This would avoid all criticism with the release.
rugyada wrote:


FWIW I have suggested time ago to build an experimental ISO without asian languages feature as it seems the issue started there.
way we could identify the root of the problem and know we are on the
right direction, or otherwise to exclude it and look for another

Did you ever see such an experimental build? I didn’t…
rugyada wrote:

And btw read this user’s feedback

I am a Japanese user.
I installed the OpenMandriva a look at the announcement.
However, it was not useless as Japanese users.
Corresponding input method (Fcitx and IBus) is incomplete.
Not used in this state.
For example, for Japanese input is also required related package of Mozc, Anthy or libkkc(Kana-Kanj\ji)
together Fcitx or IBus.
jojodu34 wrote:

FWIW I have suggested time ago to build an experimental ISO without asian languages feature as it seems the issue started there.

me too

and the answer …

Tomasz Paweł Gajc

(In reply to Joel Tesson from comment #48 )
so, to remove the doubt, TPG, can you build a test iso without noto fonts ?

We added support for Asian languages, so removing noto-sans-cjk reverts whole work. Let’s focus on finding real solution.
rugyada wrote:

“can you build a test iso without noto fonts ?”

We are not sure if it’s noto fonts, or cjk fcitx and friends but we should start from somewhere I guess.
luca wrote:

I suggest an iso without noto-cjk-fonts.
In release notes two explenation rows for who is interested.

An iso in live mode should boot in less than 5 minutes :wink:

TPG seems disappeared, so we have to find a solution.
ben79 wrote:


We definitely need to get this on agenda for nest TC meeting.
rugyada wrote:

More than discuss, we need it. That’s that.
ben79 wrote:

Here’s another topic for TC-meeting. When anyone first signs on to #openmandriva-cooker IRC channel here’s what they’ll see:

Topic for #openmandriva-cooker is “Beta1 status”

I think it’s time we move on from Beta1…

End of restored topic

Once again the solution came from @crisb (Congratulations also to @luca who had sensed a problem of timestamps)
I tried new build 503( x86_64) and build 504 (i586) and the delay is correct
There is no more need to ask for removing a part of Asian fonts now

thanks @jojodu34 :wink:
yes, @crisb is very reliable and a pleasure to work with him.

build 503 still doesn’t correct timestamps issue.
noto-sans-cjk-fonts has been splitted in two pkgs and only one, the smaller, is loaded.
but fonts cache is stll rebuilded.

we can do better, but now is acceptable.

now is better :wink:
please test build 505

what change !
fast boot , we had lost the habit :wink:
thank you to @crisb for his pugnacity.
now we can be proud of the new version 3.0

For those who want to test it here


in mailing list Crispin Boylan said :

final ISOs:



please check before we release.



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