Proposal for Lx 3.03

Just something we’ve talked about in the past, something I thought a couple of times we’d agreed to do but so far hasn’t happened. Or maybe I got it wrong and we didn’t agree to do it only discussed it. Anyway:

  1. Could we make ISO’s like this:
    A. Plasma5 desktop only with Icewm for backup desktop.
    B. LXQt desktop only with Icewm for backup desktop.

Don’t know how much work this is to do? Also is building the ISO’s something that minions like me could be taught how to do once packages are built and in repos?

Aside: I missed out on most recent attempt to learn how to do some of the tasks in ABF and Github with erlang but there should be some of these that can be delegated to minions.


To give credit where due this is not an original idea of mine I believe I heard if from @Rugyada first.


Yep, many times topic discussed - as in acknowledged - and agreed.
Re icewm last news here afaik.

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I agree, of course.

A. Plasma5 desktop only with LXQt for backup desktop.
B. LXQt desktop only with Icewm for backup desktop.

I have no problem with this just a shortage of time to do it, however the user version of omdv-build-iso is now fully debugged and available in git. I haven’t build an rpm for it yet but if you look at the specfile installation is straightforward.
If you want to give it a try I’m on hand to help with usage though there is a developer readme which if I recall gives mosts of the options.

Plasma + LXQt ? Isn’t the current situation?
The idea would be to have Plasma-only desktop ISO instead, with just the addition of a minimal emergency environment like icewm.

And the LXQt-only ISO, with icewm for the same reason.


Whoops :blush:
Yes, it is. I’ve never payed attention to LXQt in Plasma ISOs. I wrote that because LXQt looks more like to PLASMA so PLASMA users may prefer it. However I like the idea to split ISOs.