Probably no TC Meeting today 28-02-2018:

Hi Everyone,
There will be no TC meeting today unless somebody will volunteer to chair it
as I have to attend a funeral.
There is plently going on at the moment so and I’m sure there will be some
people around this afternoon if anyone wants to catch up on the news.

Guess one good news is OpenMandriva finally got a OMLx 4.0 cooker LXQt ISO which starts in live mode and installs.
Testing in virtualbox.

Known issues:
- on first login Failsafe X session is set as default. Users testing ISO must pay attention to it and change into LXQt session.

- breeze-gtk package is missing again. That’s the reason why in live mode “the display asking for language, clock, … is black and white” [cit @jclvanier]

as well as Control Center

See also

urpmi breeze-gtk solves.
Please add it (again) to ISO packages list.


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