Pre-Alpha ISO build ID 2196 (2018-09-16) > Calamares Initialization Failed

Much appreciation and many thanks for getting this out and getting us this far. Hoping this somehow helps in problem solving so we can get a working ISO.

This Iso does boot on VBox and hardware here. The X issue in VBox appears to be fixed. Upon booting ‘Live’ there is an odd dialog window asking user to select Window Manager. If one selects openbox (the only choice I could see) it boots to a close to useless desktop. If user can open a terminal (ALT>F2) and type ‘pkexec /usr/bin/calamares’ then a window opens with:

“Calamares Initialization Failed”
"OM Lx could not be installed. Calamares was unable to load all of the configured modules. This is a problem with the way Calamares is being used by the distribution. The following modules could not be loaded:


And it feels like the problem with the desktop is the same. No services or not enough services are present for a working desktop. Suppose I could investigate more if I knew better what to look for. In short it feels like something simple simply got left out on this ISO. Sorta like a typo but in this case is more likely some missing config files? (OK now I’m speculating.)

Post-edit: I am informed by developers that services mentioned in Calamares service modules are not the same thing as system services. So what does this mean. It seems like it means that both Calamares is not configured correctly and desktop is also not configured correctly.

Post-edit: Booting on hardware now tested and confirmed working on 2 whole computers!!!


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But: Folks let’s not lose sight of the positive achievements here. Namely:

  1. Our ISO builder is working again. This is big.

  2. The ISO boots on VBox and at least one hardware system so far. This is also big.

  3. The issue with graphics in VBox seems to be fixed. And in my itty bitty opinion this is big too.

And I think we should start including “NOT-FOR-REVIEW” in the ISO official title until at least we get to solid second or third Alpha or maybe even Beta.

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One more thing. On the LXQt desktop the icons for Join and Donate are missing. This has been broken for like 2 years now. Can we not fix this after 2 years?

I hereby recommend that the missing icons for items on LXQt desktop be declared BLOCKER for Lx 4 and Lx 4 shall not be released until this is fixed. I mean we just have to be able to fix this. All this requires is getting the correct path to the icon files. So after 2 years I propose that we do that. I myself know where the files are in Lx 3 because I have to fix it every time I install something with LXQt desktop.

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Submitted bug report
2372 – LXQt desktop icons Join and Donate are missing (Incorrect file names)

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I’d suggest to decide at due time, depending on Alphax quality.
Everybody should know an Alpha release is just an Alpha release and what to expect from it.
About pre-Alpha we can edit the README file at sf, and add one along with the ISO elsewhere (if any).

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This is an idea it the heat of a moment that may not be the best idea for all circumstances.

Yes, people should know that Alpha and anything labeled as before Alpha release aren’t for production work or review. The only reason for additional warnings is because of a few, frankly, stupid people. But there is no cure for stupid. So the warnings we have combined with the wiki page for reference should be enough about this. It should be enough that an ISO is labeled as Alpha, Pre-Alpha, or such what it is for. It may also be wise to put our README (in Preview folder at SourceForge) in any folder with Alpha or anything deemed to be before Alpha ISO’s.

The label Preview however is not anywhere near as clear and it is easy to see someone interpreting a “Preview” ISO is being specifically for review as preview and review are very similar things. Don’t know that I have any answer for this (that would be accepted) other than to explain it as we already have.

So to me this issue is covered and we’ve done as much as is reasonable.

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Yes. The wiki page updated today by Crazy’s suggestion and input, the README file in Alpha folder, and that’s all folks! :wink:

Now the focus is on getting a decent ISO to start with bug fixing and all the usual procedures leading to a great OMLx 4.0 final release.

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@ben79 feel free to change the importance of the bug if you believe to.

Also, I considered it’s easier to add the missing .png icons rather than to replace any path to the right .svg in .desktop files - because you never know if there are any other around. So it’s a quick and dirty fix, however correct. Up to devs to pick their favorite solution.
Melius abundare quam deficere :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you have any trouble when downloading this iso?

It was not from abf, was an external link kindly provided by Crazy.

Ok. Thank you.

I’m thinking this thread is redundant now. Closing and waiting for next ISO.

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Adding a short comment just to report that also build 2221 is showing the “Calamares Initialization Failed issue”.
However I do see a small step forward where in live mode crashing-whatsoever does not occur anymore :slight_smile:

Development build 2222

This should be fixed