[Poll] OMLx 4.0 wallpapers-extra theme

This poll is to decide the theme for wallpapers-extra contribution by users.

Nitrogen” (the actual chemical element from the periodic table) will be a choice available anyway, as it’s the OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 codename.

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  • Atmosphere
  • Balance (or equilbrium)
  • Ice
  • Life

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The poll is over.
Winning theme is “Atmosphere:trophy: :tada: :fireworks:


Here is the post in our Blog,
and the newly created forum topic.

Please anyone who can, translations in your native languages are very much appreciated :slight_smile:


At least people who voted Atmosphere should have had beautiful ideas in mind.
Come on guys don’t be shy! :dancing_men: :man_juggling: :man_dancing:


The country home of a certain QA-Tester - The solitude is great for solving those nagging problems and pesky issue tracker reports that we just can’t quite get done what we agreed on.

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Ah but there is nothing like the hustle and bustle of city life to encourage one to be productive eh?

Post-edit: And I believe it is well know that I do not exaggerate ever.

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And we should start a list of of flags showing our diversity like these emoji’s for every member and contributor that wishes to participate.

:milky_way: :belgium: :australia: :bolivia: :brazil: :taiwan: :belarus: :canada: :colombia: :cn: :switzerland: :czech_republic: :de: :diego_garcia: :denmark: :finland: :eu: :ethiopia: :es: :egypt: :estonia: :ecuador: :fr: :uk: :grenada: :georgia: :french_guiana: :guernsey: :guam: :guatemala: :greece: :guinea: :greenland: :gibraltar: :guyana: :hong_kong: :india: :isle_of_man: :british_indian_ocean_territory: :iraq: :iran: :croatia: :honduras: :haiti: :iceland: :it: :hungary: :canary_islands: :jersey: :jamaica: :jordan: :israel: :ireland: :indonesia: :india: :romania: :ru: :sri_lanka: :trinidad_tobago: :ukraine: :paraguay: :uruguay: :afghanistan: :kazakhstan: :kyrgyzstan: :mexico: :pakistan: :tajikistan: :turkmenistan: :uzbekistan: :american_samoa: :chile: :colombia: :bangladesh: :argentina: :antarctica: :costa_rica: :sweden: :denmark: :finland: :norway: :dominican_republic: :dominica: :haiti: :cuba: :panama: :latvia: :lithuania: :portugal: :poland: :hungary: :us: :austria: :new_zealand: :netherlands: :nicaragua: :nigeria: :cambodia: :thailand: :st_vincent_grenadines: :bosnia_herzegovina: :venezuela: :vietnam: :saudi_arabia: :american_samoa: :samoa: :liberia: :libya: :laos: :lebanon: :yemen: :canary_islands: :cameroon:

Maybe I got to many? Pretty sure there were Mandriva users in all those and some I missed not as sure about OpenMandriva.

Not sure exactly what to do with this but it has to be some kind of a fun idea, if only we had smart person to think of a clever/cute way to use all the flag emoticans.

If we could sign our forum post we could put our location and flag emoji too!!! If only. The clock looked at me, better get back in bed, girlfriend just growled kinda like a Dobermann Pinscher. (I swear!)

Later. :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

@ben79 Are the picures your own photos??
I like them a lot.

No they are not original. Just thought to get some energy going.


Any 4k wallpaper is not supporting in my desktop. What to do? I faced the problem in last week, while I reinstalled my operating system, and after that it stopped working. advance thanks from [essay writer], please answer back if anyone faced the similar issue.

This is question for Support.
Please start a new topic in the proper category providing all necessary info.