Please make the '--download-all' option default for urpmi

Recently I tried to update my older OpenMandriva Lx3 installation to the newer state and broke the system. This happened because I didn’t run updates for quite a while and there was really a LOT OF newer packages when I finally run # urpmi --auto-update. The problem is, that NetworkManager and network-related system components got updated as well, so in the middle of the process my network connection got down, and urpmi was unable to download further packages. I was stuck with a half-updated system and broken network.
This couldn’t happen if urpmi was using the ‘–download-all’ BY DEFAULT. I know that it was implemented recently in Rosa Fresh and also this behaviour has been used for years by zypper in OpenSUSE - all packages are first downloaded and only then are installed. It is safe and the system will not be broken accidently.
I believe that OpenMandriva should also adopt this change. :slight_smile:

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It seems that there is no answer because it is a request for the devs. You could ask it in bugzilla, choosing the “severity” as “trivial/enhancement” in the section Lx 3.0.