Plasma (Wayland), does it work for anyone?

One can choose the option

Plasma (Wayland)

at SDDM but it does not work for me. It simply do not open my user session.

Is it a limitation of my installation only or everybody have the same problem?

By the way, what would be the advantage of using Wayland?


For me if I try to login to Plasma Wayland from sddm login screen my screen flashes black and returns to sddm login screen. What I haven’t tried is to edit ‘/etc/sddm.conf’ and replace ‘plasma’ with whatever would go to Plasma Wayland. That’s because I’ve forgotten what directory the sessions are listed in. :confused:

Edit: It’s ‘/usr/share/xsessions/’ and won’t help for this.

I was looking for answers at omv-bug-report.log. There I’ve found an attempt to login (on wayland), some error messages from networkmanager and then the session was disconnected. I also saw /var/log/sddm.log and found messages on the lack of /usr/bin/kwin_wayland, a binary file provided by the package kwin-wayland which is not installed.

I did not try to install it yet. If nobody say anything about this package, I’ll do this test later.

Thanks adelson.oliveria. You have found the problem and the solution is:

# urpmi kwin-wayland

So far my mouse doesn’t like it. Typing is hesitant.

I don`t have these problems so far. Everything looks fine with plasma(wayland).

Ooops! Too early to say it is OK. Although looks fine during the first plasma wayland session, SDDM does not show up after logoff. Tried twice: logon in plasma wayland, logoff and no SDDM screen is seen, just a black screen. Not even CTRL+ALT+F2 seems to work! Just reboot recovers SDDM back.

Just turn back to simple plasma session and the problem is over.