Packages kdepim-addons kdepim-core importwizard won't install

To help those folks having trouble updating systems installed prior to the latest KDE package updates I installed Lx 3.01 in VirtualBox. In order to update at all it seemed necessary to remove kdepim-addons with the expectation of reinstalling the removed packages such as task-plasma and kdepim-addons. After updating everything else I have found these three packages that won’t install kdepim-addons, kdepim-core, and importwizard. Are they necessary? None of these are on a Lx 3.02 system installed from ISO 1180 so I suspect they aren’t necessary. Also none of the 3 want to install on new system either.

We do still have multiple users that are unable to do this system update.

Note: Updating Lx 3.01 is not easy or straightforward for average users. We really should remove any ISO’s older than Lx 3.02 and 2014.2 from everywhere but archives.

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