OpenMandriva PPA's, Deb Files, Ect

i’m coming from a ubuntu base and want to know if there are any issues using ppa’s, deb, snap, flatpacks, or appimages? thanks

From wikipedia:

A Personal Package Archive (PPA) is a software repository for uploading source packages to be built and published as an Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) repository by Launchpad.[87] While the term is used exclusively within Ubuntu, Launchpad’s host, Canonical,

So as you can see PPA is a package archive for Ubuntu (mostly). OpenMandriva is a completely different system and uses other packages. OpenMandriva use rpm packages and DNF, while ubuntu and derivates .deb packages and apt.
OpenMandriva provide similar tool to PPA, we called it ABF - Automated Build Farm, where developers build packages for distro. Users can also build packages for their personal repositories there.

As above. These are packages reserved for systems based on Debian like Ubuntu or Mint. OpenMandriva, ROSA, Fedora and OpenSUSE use rpm packages.

No snap is not supported. Many of us [here] think that technology is not very good. Which can cause security problems, just like Flatpak and duplicate problems known to us from Windows systems.
In spite of all Flatpak is available here. Snap not.

Yes, appimage working fine here.

so i guess i have some additional questions then. first is most of what’s available for debian and ubuntu available for openmandriva? this is one of the reasons i left mandrake so many years ago. the support got bad, and more times than not what i wanted sofware wise was available for almost every other distro except mandrake. second so no synaptic or muon packages will work in om? third what about appimages? i have the above questions cause the main reason i dropped win 10 was there were finally enough of my must have apps available for linux, ones i do not want alternatives for. and lastly i guess git apps hosted on github? thanks

sorry i missed your comment about appimages.