Openmandriva LX 4 cache sync failure

LX 4.0 for Ryzen (znver1)

KDE 5.15, Qt 5.12.3, Kernel 5.1.2

[brian@brian-ms7b87 ~]$ sudo dnf update

We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

    #1) Respect the privacy of others.
    #2) Think before you type.
    #3) With great power comes great responsibility.

[sudo] password for brian: 
OpenMandriva 4.0 - znver1           511  B/s | 153  B     00:00    
Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'openmandriva-znver1'
OpenMandriva 4.0 - znver1 - Updates 520  B/s | 153  B     00:00    
Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'updates-znver1'
Ignoring repositories: openmandriva-znver1, updates-znver1
Last metadata expiration check: 0:09:33 ago on Fri 17 May 2019 08:23:39 PM EDT.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.
[brian@brian-ms7b87 ~]$ 

Got this when i did testing in a virtual machine too. Was hoping it wouldn’t be a issue once installed on my hardware.

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That error occurs because 4.0 repositories have not been created yet. Currently we are using cooker repos. I have to base what I say here on x86_64 install as I don’t have a Ryzen box. The repo files are in /ect/yum.repos.d. Edit the one called (for me) openmandriva-x86_64.repo and change the first to entries from enabled=1 to enabled=0. I think for znver1 the repo file would be openmandriva-znver1.repo but am not sure. You want to end up with it looking something like this:


However there will be a “repo split” in a matter of days and that is when the 4.0 repos will be created to replace cooker repos.

There is more here.

Hope this helps. If not or if you need something else ask and someone here will help.

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Sweet, no more errors with that! Unfortunately i guess I’ll have to continue relying on flatpak’s for my software as i don’t have access to steam or much else. (steam flatpak annoys me :/)

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On that note, what theming are you using? Reminds me of netrunner manjaro’s theme.

Steam is available but I’m not a gamer, the @AngryPenguin knows far more about Steam and gaming and multimedia apps in general than I. I do know you need to enable a couple of the i686 repos to install steam.

The welcome menu says steam is available but it says “Steam not installed.” in the popup. (which is what led me to try dnf, and find the error)


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The Plasma theme I’m using is K10ne-blue mainly because I like an opaque black menu panel. Otherwise my desktop is just a colorful default Breeze, in other words nothing all that special.

See if this helps:

There has been discussion about correcting that part of OM-Welcome so it prompts user to enable needed repos.

Post-edit: Or maybe:

$ sudo dnf config-manager --enable cooker-x86_64-non-free cooker-i686 cooker-x86_64-unsupported cooker-i686-unsupported

Post-edit-2: I think for a znver1 system it would be:

$ sudo dnf config-manager --enable cooker-znver1-non-free cooker-i686 cooker-znver1-unsupported cooker-i686-unsupported

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$ sudo dnf config-manager --enable cooker-znver1-non-free cooker-i686 cooker-znver1-unsupported cooker-i686-unsupported

That did the trick, it’s coming up now. Going to install it… Hopefully the added repos won’t mess with anything.

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The repos and welcome menu will definitely need a little work. Speaking of which, where could i apply to help out? This is looking to be an extremely promising release (especially with the rolling alternative) despite it’s teething troubles.

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Awesome! :astonished:

I learned a few things myself. I’m trying to re-write that bit about editing repos but I won’t finish it tonight. But for you for now to have all OpenMandriva Cooker repos available for znver1:

$ sudo dnf config-manager --enable cooker-znver1-non-free cooker-znver1-unsupported cooker-znver1-restricted cooker-znver1

If I got that right that will enable all 4 OM Cooker znver1 repos.

If you want/need to disable something use:

$ sudo dnf config-manager --disable
followed by repo name or names.

At #openmandriva-cooker on Freenode IRC. That is the developer/QA/contributor channel. We also have #openmandriva for user problems or conversation. I’ll also make a point to let people know this weekend you have asked to be contributor.

We do look forward to your contributions. And I can assure you there is much to be done. I believe @bero is working on a repo manager and I know @rugyada is working on OM-Welcome and OM-Control-Center.


For OM-Control-Center:

$ sudo dnf install om-control-center

It is a Work In Progress but something we need. It does have a bit of function to add and remove repositories as you see here:


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Kind remind to all users: