Openmandriva forum 2 way signing (how to active email code)?

Hi other service did have way to give email with signin codes istead of copy it.
Did you have possible to add this future on forum? So its more easy?

I get a lot of email of activity maybe to much, but did not know how to set only one mail day?

Go to your account settings and look there.

can you give me URL of it? i did not find it, only new email by password.
But not the 2 ways siging or change email setting of automail.

It’s your account, not mine.

i found it must be

but not much option.

Well, it’s not too hard to find:
Profile => Preferences => Scroll to “Two Factor Authentification”

Or go directly to:

I don’t see what one could be missing there. Every option you’ll need (QR code, manual code, restore codes) is there.