OpenCPN Package on OMlx-4


  • OpenMandriva Lx 4.0:

  • _**Desktop KDE

I can’t compile OpenCPN from source yet. Bero help me to find thé dependencies needed but now clang send a lot of issues un the end of process.

I would try to make a package for OpenCPN if some one can learn me it would be Nice. Thanks you

Package done for Cooker. Later I try build it also for rolling and lx4. For now you can try it in cooker unsupported repo.

Thank you AngryPenguin ! How did you manage to compil using gcc please ?

I installed the package and it works but in the beginning it send this message:

./src/gtk/window.cpp(5059): assert “increment > 0” failed in IsScrollIncrement().

Good job the team is realy reactive and very nice to.