Open rpmdrake, drakconf as user

I think this happens when the user is a sudouser.

I am a sudouser on my machine so that would make sense.

Setting my user to sudoer is one of the first things I do after installing a system. And all my systems require root password for drakconf and rpmdrake.

But there are aspects of this issue I don’t understand. If I’m not mistaken Discover will update system without root password, I’ll have to check.

Again if things are working for a given user I wouldn’t worry about this.

Edit: If I were emel_punk I would consider setting hostname with hostnamectl then rebooting and see if that doesn’t correct his issue.

Many thanks, for some reason the hostname wasn’t set… and I did it at the installation. After setting the hostname as ben79 suggested with “hostnamectl set-hostname” and rebooting, now it works. One thing in LXQt, the identity is still “unix-user:myuser”, but typing myuser password (not root) open the rpmdrake, drakconf, etc.

Well, glad something good came of the discussion. I don’t know anything about what is going on in LXQt at this time, don’t use and haven’t tested it for many months. I do see sometimes on my boxes that something or other changes hostname leading to issues like we have discussed here. Our developers think we have that corrected now. But as I said it is complicated.

Actually I was using XFCE but I thought was something with XFCE and was trying LXQt. Now I will go back to it