OMLx4.2 -- Rpi4 -- Default repolist? Safe Adds to Repolist for New SW?


  • OpenMandriva Lx version:
    4.2 for Raspberry Pi 4

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):

I attempted to modify the repolist from KDE with inconsistent results. Having read some of the documentation I realize I should probably reset things to their initial state to avoid a mix of versions.

What should the default “dnf repolist” be for a fresh OMV install for the Raspberry Pi 4 aarch64?

I currently have the following 2 dnf repolist entries:

repoid / repo name
rock-updates-aarch64 / OpenMandriva Rock - aaarch64 - Updates
rolling-aarch64 / OpenMandriva Rolling - aarch64


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You would want all Rock or all Rolling repositories. You are correct it is a very bad idea to mix them and this eventually is likely to break something.

OpenMandriva Release Plan and Repositories


If the ‘Software Repository Selector’ is available in the application menu on your Rpi4 that should re-write things according to your wishes.

Hope this helps.

It isn’t there, but you can “dnf install om-repo-picker” to get it. It works, it’s just not (yet) in the list of stuff that goes into the initial image.