OMLx 4.0 Roadmap

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This topic is to discuss and decide expected releases dates.


Alpha: 2018-12-14
Rewritten OMA-Welcome, rewritten KUser, working Apper and Discover. And a ton of up to date KDE packages. Most of the basic system packages, and tool-chain stuff.
ISO - Plasma5 for both x86_64 and znver1.

Beta1: 2019-01-04
Manatools, dnfdragora, rewritten OM-CC

The 3 different ISO versions for x86_64:

  1. Plasma5 - Full Featured (Plasma5 only)
  2. LXQt - Medium as far as features/additional packages.
  3. Minimal - But with GUI and possibly a browser - what desktop will be used has not been decided. We have discussed IceWM, Lumina, and possible just a minimal Plasma5 desktop. As of today we don’t have a Lumina desktop.
    … … …

Beta2: 2019-01-25
Expected/wished/suggested features:
… … …

RC1: 2019-02-08
Expected/wished/suggested features:
… … …

RC2: 2019-02-15 (If needed)
Expected/wished/suggested features:
… … …

GA 2019-02-22 Or else!!!

Software release life cycle

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Looks to me like some optimistic bozo edited the above post. I certainly hope people that actually know what is going on will correct/change/add/subtract as needed.

I also hope we do keep in mind things already agreed on in TC-Meetings. If anyone tries to stray from that they will be (things to horrible to mention publicly.) :astonished: