OM Lx 4.2 & Kernel 5.10x and .. drivers nouveau

i have updated today to get Kernel 5.10.4 on rolling release
you will have to add system.unified_hierarchy_cgroups=1 or true
also report on screen a vertical blue line with drivers nouveau

is there a way to add drivers nvidias ( version 455 or more latest) ?

If someone in the Community volunteers to do this then yes, it could be done. The problem is having people willing to do this that have the knowledge and the time. There are contributors that ask about this on IRC but most developers that work with OM Lx won’t touch nvidia stuff for various reasons. nvidia software is one of the most difficult to deal with, especially for a small group of all unpaid, part-time, volunteers.

@Colin reports that he will be building latest nvidia drivers later today. If they are OK they will be added after OM Lx 4.2 release.