OM Lx 3 - system logs out when left unattended

Trying to find out a couple of things.

What I see, what an average user would see is, if I leave desktop for a bit often times when I return I return to sddm login screen. This is undesirable behavior and can lead to loss of work, interrupted download, or interrupted task. Plus it is just wrong. If user wants to stay logged in all day and all night or all week for that matter it should be so.
In fact I originally discovered this leaving on computer with Quassel running in order to follow all that happened in a meeting I couldn’t attend. Did not work out came home to sddm login screen.

  1. Am I only person seeing this?

  2. Is it possibly a result of some setting?
    a. In particular it confuses me to have power management settings in systemsettings5 and also apparently same settings in Screensaver. After initial install they don’t appear to be set the same either, confusing me even more.
    b. Or is some other setting possibly responsible?

  3. Is it possibly a result of some change I’ve made since installing? For instance something like disabling file search/baloo or akonadi?

Before anyone starts yammering about filing a bug report don’t worry if warranted I will. Sometimes (often actually) there are reasons to ask questions before filing a bug report.

Hi Ben,
I confirm what you say, if I understand my native language is not English.
To summarize what I have found is that instead of being locked we find ourselves sometimes be disconnected (apparently). I say apparently because, if we connect, error messages saying we see that there is already an open session.
I do not have it now, but I found that this happens with some systemsettings settings combined with those of the screen saver. The added difficulty is that the same settings for the result is not always the same. There is certainly a kind of competition between the lock and screen saver systems.
I have not reported this bug because it’s very difficult for me to explain this in English (even in French! :laughing:) and it does not happen all the time.

did you try with screensaver disabled?

For first, to be safe I’d disable whatever related to energy saving and screen locking in the screensaver options.
Just let it to do its own screensaver task.
Be aware that in systemsettings there are settings in 2 places: Energy Saving and Screen Locking. Be sure to have a look at both.

@luca to be honest I absolutely do not remember my settings at this time. :laughing:
I had to tell myself that I’ll see it later. and then another iso came out and I forgot

Yes, since screenlock is disabled it doesn’t lock user out it just closes desktop and you have to login again. I’m thinking it may be a bug with screenlocker OR the relationship between the 3 different things screenlocker, energy saving, and screensaver.

Trying that now. Is there a way to permanently disable screensaver? And why wouldn’t this be part of screensaver dialog window instead of only “kill daemon”?

Edit: ben79 you idiot. In screensaver dialog window select ‘Mode’ and disable your screensaver. Dumbass.

Hard for me to describe in English too.

So far it seems that disabling screensaver eliminates this. Only way to know for sure is time.

Unless it’s a virtualbox issue feature :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , all my machines never suffered of this.

xscreensaver is disabled regarding whatever lock-screen or energy saving option, it’s running correctly as I like (it start showing the images after 30 min inactivity) and never logout.